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Prior Broncos protection David Bruton Jr. retires

Prior Broncos protection David Bruton Jr. retires

Mensagempor Nashville » Ter Jan 09, 2018 07:07

David Bruton Jr., who performed a hefty position within the Broncos' 2015 Tremendous Bowl year and focused considerably of his season and elements in the direction of the Denver neighborhood throughout his 7 a long time as a Bronco https://www.broncosnflshop.com/60-Garett_Bolles_Jersey, is made up of retired in opposition to the NFL. Previous Broncos stability David Bruton Jr., who put in the initial 7 a long time of his job within just Denver, declared his retirement versus the NFL upon Sunday. Bruton developed his popularity upon the Broncos as a secret secondary e-book and as an vital one of a kind-groups participant versus 2009 toward 2015 Dillon Day Jersey. Within that greatest year within just Denver, Bruton gained the maximum enjoying season of his occupation upon security and he ran with it, starting up within just 3 video games, recording 2 interceptions, 2 compelled fumbles, just one fumble restoration, 1 sack and 7 passes defensed. His supreme occupied match as a Bronco was one particular of his suitable and one particular of his utmost popular. Even with agony a damaged fibula in just the initial quarter from Pittsburgh within just 7 days 15, Bruton performed 95 snaps -- by means of significantly the maximum upon the staff that evening -- and recorded 6 solo tackles and 1 go deflection. While Bruton done the period upon wounded ebook right after that sport, his contributions that year served thrust the Broncos upon their route in the direction of Tremendous Bowl 50 greatness. However it wasn't accurately Bruton's part upon the market that created him a exceptional portion of the Broncos. His endeavors in just the local have been some of the optimum impactful of any Bronco inside present historical past. He aided as the Broncos' Gas Up toward Perform 60 agent with the Western Dairy Affiliation, aiding kids in direction of be chaotic and hold healthier life, and he normally represented the Broncos at neighborhood gatherings. Bruton far too set the David Bruton Base and Bruton's Textbooks, a application that targets in the direction of enhance studying proficiency in just the Denver community, in particular inside lower-product sales communities https://www.broncosnflshop.com/104-Orion_Stewart_Jersey. For his charitable endeavours, Bruton was termed the Broncos' Walter Payton NFL Male of the 12 months inside of 2015 and was their best vote-getter for the NFL Avid gamers Affiliation's 2015 Byron "Whizzer" White Award. He was way too a a few-year employees captain Kyle Peko Jersey. The Broncos drafted Bruton inside of 2009 inside of the fourth spherical with the 114th-over-all choose. Within 2016 he signed with Washington and seemed in just 4 video games. Experienced a blast these days offering guides absent in direction of young children at Greenlee Essential in the direction of guidance clear away summer season mind drain. #SummerBrainGain is the reason!! #BrutonsBooks A short article shared via David Bruton Jr.
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Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: felipe_ad - Ter Jun 29, 2010 19:44

Como resolvo uma questao desse tipo:

Uma usina de britagem produz pó de pedra, que ao ser depositado no solo, forma uma pilha cônica onde a altura é aproximadamente igual a 4/3 do raio da base.
(a) Determinar a razão de variação do volume em relação ao raio da base.
(b) Se o raio da base varia a uma taxa de 20 cm/s, qual a razão de variação do volume quando o raio mede 2 m?

A letra (a) consegui resolver e cheguei no resultado correto de \frac{4\pi{r}^{2}}{3}
Porem, nao consegui chegar a um resultado correto na letra (b). A resposta certa é 1,066\pi

Alguem me ajuda? Agradeço desde já.

Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: Elcioschin - Qua Jun 30, 2010 20:47

V = (1/3)*pi*r²*h ----> h = 4r/3

V = (1/3)*pi*r²*(4r/3) ----> V = (4*pi/9)*r³


dV/dr = (4*pi/9)*(3r²) -----> dV/dr = 4pi*r²/3

Para dr = 20 cm/s = 0,2 m/s e R = 2 m ----> dV/0,2 = (4*pi*2²)/3 ----> dV = (3,2/3)*pi ----> dV ~= 1,066*pi m³/s

Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: Guill - Ter Fev 21, 2012 21:17

Temos que o volume é dado por:

V = \frac{4\pi}{3}r^2

Temos, portanto, o volume em função do raio. Podemos diferenciar implicitamente ambos os lados da equação em função do tempo, para encontrar as derivadas em função do tempo:

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{8\pi.r}{3}.\frac{dr}{dt}

Sabendo que a taxa de variação do raio é 0,2 m/s e que queremos ataxa de variação do volume quando o raio for 2 m:

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{8\pi.2}{3}.\frac{2}{10}

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{16\pi}{15}