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nice effect while some sort of highlight

nice effect while some sort of highlight

Mensagempor looks » Sex Jan 12, 2018 07:22

2018 dirt the The twentieth anniversary from the Nike Air Max 98 and also Nike offers big plans to the celebration. Among the list of featured sets to drop is the celebrated Gundam colorway as well as its highlighted in it's official images. Colored in a wide selection of white, orange, red and also black colors, the model is likewise detailed by using mini swooshes throughout as you move the signature Air flow Max cushioning adidas trainers uk in the particular midsole can be colored with red. Eventually, a charcoal rubber outsole completes the style altogether.

The Nike Air Max 1 are going to be coming within a Canvas pack for one its newest colorways this kind of month and featured could be the runner inside an Important Gold/Mineral Discolored color structure. A tan canvas content basically covers top of the while black leather accents is seen along that collar area. Contrasting discolored accents are generally applied throughout for just a nice effect while some sort of highlight will be the classic Surroundings Max 93 rubberized logo sneakers outlet uk sale seen around the heels. A dark midsole plus tricolor outsole completes the form altogether.

A white and varsity reddish colored version from the Nike Surroundings More Uptempo released in 2016 but this town is a lttle bit different. Scottie Pippen’s personal bank sneaker is usually colored in white set across it has the upper with red trimming throughout the large AIR branding all over its characteristics. More sinks into of red are utilized for the actual miniature Swoosh trademarks and seen inside nike womens shoes uk the obvious Air singular units to complete the style altogether.

The Nike Air Force ONE Low celebrated its 35th anniversary this past year, but considered one of its much more premium iterations is this black/white edition from your Force Emblem pack. Highlighted with a Force Logo from your ’80s detailing across the heels by means of spray-painted AF1 logos, the trainer also includes tongues air jordans uk sale mimicking the particular old Nike shoeboxes, while your white midsole in addition to black outsole eventually completes the look altogether.
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Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: felipe_ad - Ter Jun 29, 2010 19:44

Como resolvo uma questao desse tipo:

Uma usina de britagem produz pó de pedra, que ao ser depositado no solo, forma uma pilha cônica onde a altura é aproximadamente igual a 4/3 do raio da base.
(a) Determinar a razão de variação do volume em relação ao raio da base.
(b) Se o raio da base varia a uma taxa de 20 cm/s, qual a razão de variação do volume quando o raio mede 2 m?

A letra (a) consegui resolver e cheguei no resultado correto de \frac{4\pi{r}^{2}}{3}
Porem, nao consegui chegar a um resultado correto na letra (b). A resposta certa é 1,066\pi

Alguem me ajuda? Agradeço desde já.

Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: Elcioschin - Qua Jun 30, 2010 20:47

V = (1/3)*pi*r²*h ----> h = 4r/3

V = (1/3)*pi*r²*(4r/3) ----> V = (4*pi/9)*r³


dV/dr = (4*pi/9)*(3r²) -----> dV/dr = 4pi*r²/3

Para dr = 20 cm/s = 0,2 m/s e R = 2 m ----> dV/0,2 = (4*pi*2²)/3 ----> dV = (3,2/3)*pi ----> dV ~= 1,066*pi m³/s

Assunto: Taxa de variação
Autor: Guill - Ter Fev 21, 2012 21:17

Temos que o volume é dado por:

V = \frac{4\pi}{3}r^2

Temos, portanto, o volume em função do raio. Podemos diferenciar implicitamente ambos os lados da equação em função do tempo, para encontrar as derivadas em função do tempo:

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{8\pi.r}{3}.\frac{dr}{dt}

Sabendo que a taxa de variação do raio é 0,2 m/s e que queremos ataxa de variação do volume quando o raio for 2 m:

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{8\pi.2}{3}.\frac{2}{10}

\frac{dV}{dt} = \frac{16\pi}{15}