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made some great looks and the puck’s eventually going to st

made some great looks and the puck’s eventually going to st

Mensagempor elvafeng » Seg Out 23, 2017 06:38

Logan Couture notched his second career hat trick in a losing effort as the Sharks failed to hop above the .500 mark for the first time this season.

After recording wins over the Montreal Canadiens Tuesday and the New Jersey Devils Friday, the Sharks 3 4 stab at a perfect week fell short in Brooklyn Saturday as the team lost its second game to the New York Islanders this season.

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Here’s what we learned in the Sharks 5 3 loss at the Barclays Center

1. Couture credits Tomas Hertl for filling the Patrick Marleau void.

Head coach Pete DeBoer didn’t waste any time taking matters into his own hands to fill the void in his top six forward group left by Patrick Marleau’s departure to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the offseason.

After the Sharks fell to 0 2, DeBoer suspended the Tomas Hertl at center project, sliding him up to Logan Couture’s left wing on the second line, a position held down by Marleau for a large chunk of the last five plus seasons.

The move is paying off for Couture, who recorded a four point night Tuesday before notching three goals against the Islanders Saturday night https://www.sharkssjfans.com/aaron-dell-jersey-c-2.html, giving him seven points 5g , 2a in five games since DeBoer made the switch.

A look at Logan Couture’s second career Hat Trick from Saturday night. sjsharks pic.twitter.com/ilfI8rm8lZ
— NBCS Sharks News NBCSSharks October 22, 2017

Couture didn’t hesitate to draw a line between Hertl’s addition to the line and his recent offensive surge.

“He’s big. He’s strong. He’s skilled. He reminds me of Patty without that top end speed the way he holds onto pucks,” the Sharks alternate captain said. “He’s very, very easy to play with. I’ve enjoyed it so, hopefully https://www.sharkssjfans.com/joakim-ryan-jersey-c-4.html, we can continue to play together.”

Although Hertl is a big power forward and Marleau is a swift skating wingman, Couture sees a lot of parallels between the two players.

“Those guys are very strong guys,” he said. “When they get the puck in the corner, Patty and him, I try to create some room and get open. They’re both very good passers.

“Hertl is very underrated as a passer.”

2. Puck luck is inevitable with Burns, defensemen.

Brent Burns produced another eight shots on goal and 14 shot attempts Saturday, but he’s still looking for his first goal of the season through seven games after notching 29 last year.

He also set up two of Couture’s goals with his shot. Couture notched his first goal at 6 26 of the second, redirecting a Burns shot pass from the high slot area. He recorded his third with 1 52 left in the third https://www.sharkssjfans.com/marcedouard-vlasic-jersey-c-3.html, stuffing the puck in from the doorstep after Burns’ shot found its way through traffic.

Tonight…Couture’s tip game strong. 1 0 sjsharks pic.twitter.com/D4LvxBn0Sy
— NBCS Sharks News NBCSSharks October 22, 2017
Despite the goose egg on the scoresheet, Burns leads the Sharks in shots on goal with 31 on the season, 10 more than Joe Pavelski, who ranks second. His 31 shots are also good for 10th in the NHL.

“I’m not worried about it at all,” DeBoer said. “He’s getting some really good looks. They’re going to go in eventually. We’re only seven games in.”

But don’t forget, Burns also scored only two goals over the final 23 games of the 2016 17 season, giving him just a pair of tallies over his last 30 regular season games.
Captain Joe Pavelski said there’s a natural ebb and flow to a defenseman’s goal scoring because of the nature of the position.

“There’s going to be goalless stretches, even more so with defensemen when you’re shooting from that far out,” he said. “Goalies are good. You need a little puck luck , find a seam, find a screen.”

Although Burns is responding to questions about his drought with nonchalance, Martin Jones Jersey Couture said that the reigning Norris Trophy winner is likely feeling some frustration.

“He wants to score and I’m sure he feels some pressure from the numbers he put up last year,” Couture said. “But he made some great looks and the puck’s eventually going to start to go in for him.”

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3. Joe Thornton receives a get out of jail free card.

The scoresheet credits Thornton with two points Saturday. He probably deserved three.

Thornton set up the Islanders second goal at 8 31 of the second, sending Josh Bailey in on a breakaway by putting the puck on the tape of his stick in the high slot with a careless pass from the side boards.

It’s the type of play that would get the defensive minded DeBoer quite red in the face if it came from a youngster, but Thornton has earned a few get out of jail free cards over the course of his career.

“There’s a guy that handles the puck as much or more than anyone in the league on his stick,” DeBoer said. “You’re going to make some mistakes here and there, so I’m not worried about that.”
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2)Na equação y=x^2-5x+9 não existem zeros.Senão vejamos

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O eixo de simetria é a reta x=\frac{5}{2}.Como se pode observar o vertice está acima do eixo Ox, estando parabola virada para cima, o vertice é um mínimo absoluto.Então basta calcular a função para os valores dos extremos do intervalo.